Fire Insurance Ratings improve for most South Beach Residents

In August of 2017, the Citizens of the South Beach Communities of Ocosta, Westport, Rural Westport, Grayland, North Cove and Tokeland, voted to combine the collective fire and emergency medical services into the South Beach Regional Fire Authority.

In the first quarter of 2019, the Washington State Rating Bureau, an independent non-profit public service organization, began the process of re-rating the South Beach area, to determine the Fire Protection Class of the South Beach Communities.  Protection Class Ratings are used by insurance companies to help determine fire insurance premiums for properties within the District.  By utilizing a grading schedule approved by the Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner, the Washington State Rating Bureau determines the fire protection class capabilities of the Fire District Communities.

All South Beach Communities received improved Protection Class Ratings from the Washington State Rating Bureau, except for an area in the Eastern portion of Ocosta, due to a reduced number of volunteer firefighters in that area.  This area in Ocosta was given a lesser Protection Class Rating for full details you may read about your specific area by following this link: Fire Insurance Ratings.

South Beach Regional Fire Authority encourages homeowners to contact their insurance companies, to ensure that you are in fact receiving insurance premiums based on the new improved rating.

South Beach Regional Fire Authority is a Combination Fire Department, meaning we rely heavily on volunteer firefighters to deliver the professional services we provide. Volunteer members help with all aspects of fire department operations which bring a tremendous value to the citizens of the South Beach.

If you live in the areas of Ocosta or within the boundaries of the Regional Fire Authority and want to help your Community, we are looking for members to fill all positions. Volunteer firefighters are essential for improving your Fire Classification Ratings and reducing fire insurance costs.

If you want more information about joining our team, you can learn more here: Become a Volunteer.

South Beach Regional Fire Authority
Fire Chief
Dennis Benn