Open Water Drowning Prevention

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Don’t be fooled by warm temperature. Washington’s waterways are below 60 degrees, including lakes and rivers. Cold water shock is deadlier than you think.

Protect Yourself (while on the water)

  • Always wear a life jacket
  • Layer clothing made from synthetic materials or wool
  • Be able to call for help. Carry forms of communication that will work while wet (cell phone, whistle, VHF radio, etc.)
  • Understand wind, wave, current and tide conditions and how they impact your ability to control your vessel
  • Be alert, avoid alcohol and marijuana
  • File a float plan, tell a friend where and when.

Drownings are the 2nd leading cause of death, nationwide in 14 years old and younger. The rate for drowning in open water at age 15 triples.  Teens are often unaware of risky behavior and often have no fear.

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Life jacket loaner stations are located at the Westport Marina. There are three stations and are located at Float 7, Float 8, and Float 20.

  • Borrow a life jacket
  • Check the label – Choose the right size.
  • Fasten all buckles, zippers and straps.
  • Make sure if fits correctly. It should be snug, but not tight.
  • Wear the life jacket.
  • Return the life jacket to the loaner station you borrowed it from.  
  • Provide adult supervision at all times.
  • Borrow and use life jackets at your own risk.

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