Important information about your 2018 property taxes

If you have noticed a substantial increase in your fire tax, compared to 2017, it is most likely due to a computer anomaly at the Grays Harbor County Treasurer’s office.

Actually, most residents in the South Beach area, will have a reduction in their fire taxes this year.

We have been in contact with the Treasurer’s office, and they assure us that the taxation is correct.  What happened was, the computer program lumped several of the junior taxations under the “Fire Authority” name.

Junior taxing districts such as; County Roads, Library, Hospital District, and Port of grays Harbor are not listed on the tax statement, but the funding for those districts were “lumped” into the “Fire Authority” amount.

If you would like to see where all of the tax dollars go for your parcel, please visit the Taxsifter website for a complete levy breakdown.  The link to taxsifter is:

Or feel free to call Grays Harbor County Treasurer at: (360) 249-2751